Why Join Capex?

The private equity industry continues to evolve.  Capex intends to simplify the private equity landscape in Chicago for Vice Presidents and junior Partners by providing its membership unparalleled access to capital and service providers, opportunities for beneficial discussions with peers about transaction dynamics and portfolio management best practices, and introductions to potential deal partners. Capex facilitates this through annual and ad hoc social and professional development events, all fostering a better networked and well-informed private equity community.

Access to Membership and Events

  • Access to Membership Base

    Membership in Capex provides access to other rising professionals within the private equity industry in Chicago. In addition, members can access the Capex website for up-to-date information on up-to-date industry events, news and various other resources.

  • No Annual or Per-event Charges 

    There are no annual or per-event charges for Capex members–the organization partners with participating firms in the transaction community to sponsor events free of charge to attendees.

  • No Minimum Attendance Requirements

    We recognize our careers and personal lives require last minute scheduling adjustments.  There are no minimum attendance or participation requirements to maintain membership.  We do, however, expect members to extend the common courtesy of a timely response or notice to those planning events.

  • Members Only LinkedIn Community

    Timeliness and high engagement go hand-in-hand, don't feel left out when the community around you is thriving. Please visit our members only LinkedIn community for local news, trends, and happenings. Not a member? Request to join today!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a board member of Capex. The most valuable aspect of being a member was the ability to network and develop personal relationships with my peers in Chicago. I believe the events allowed deal professionals to meet in a more casual atmosphere without the pressures or distractions of a broader networking or ACG event.
    Charles M. Sheridan, Director, BMO Capital Markets/Mezzanine Fund
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How to become a member

Capex membership is focused on post-MBA Vice Presidents and junior Partners of private equity firms.  Prospective members are approved on an individual basis by Capex’s Board of Directors.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Capex, please reach out to a Board representative and include your contact information, brief description of your current and previous professional experiences and education history.

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